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Information and Steps for Evaluations


The decision to undergo an evaluation is an important one and choosing a psychologist to complete this evaluation is just as important. At Pediatric Psychology Associates we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest available psychological tests and research. Our evaluations are comprehensive and individualized and, as a result, testing is completed carefully and with attention to detail. As such, the process takes time. We strongly believe that conducting our evaluations over several days and through a variety of data-collection methods (direct test administration, observations, consults, etc.)  allows us to best understand an individual’s behavioral, emotional, academic and cognitive functioning.


There are several reasons an evaluation may be requested. Our comprehensive evaluations will be helpful in answering questions regarding overall developmental profiles and learning styles (including strengths and weaknesses), as well as emotional, interpersonal, and behavioral functioning. Common referral reasons are to provide diagnostic clarification regarding:


Upon completion of test administration, extensive time is spent interpreting the results and communicating findings in a written report that is understandable to the reader, also providing practical and useful suggestions. Our evaluations are accepted in public and private schools and can assist students in receiving the necessary accommodations and services they may need to be successful. The written report serves as a “road-map” to help each examinee succeed in every aspect of his/her life, thus also helping him/her gain confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.We conduct evaluations of individuals of all ages, from infancy to adulthood. We are able to conduct evaluations in the office, through video conferencing, and using a combination of these modalities based on the patient’s needs.


I. Developmental Evaluations

Web-based Evaluation for the Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders (WEEI-ASD)
Age range: Children ages 0 – 3 years (Services completed through observation/conference)                       
Evaluator: Pediatric Psychologist
Fee: $1,850


Multi-DisciplinaryDevelopmental Clinic (MDDC) Evaluations
Age range: Children ages 0 – 3 years (Services completed in office)
Evaluators: Team is composed of a Pediatric Psychologist, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, and Pediatric Speech/Language Pathologist
Fee: $2,000 (additional $500 if supplementary testing is required to rule out/diagnose an Autism Spectrum Disorder using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition -ADOS-2).iStock_000020567060_Medium


II. Gifted/IntelligenceEvaluations
Information about Gifted/Intelligence Evaluations.

Age range:  Individuals ages 2½ years to adulthood
Fee: $600


III. Psychodevelopmental / Psychological Evaluations

Preschool 3 & 4*
Fee: $3,800**


IV. Psychoeducational / Psychological Evaluations

Grades K & 1*
Fee: $4,500

Grade/Age range: 2nd – 12th & adulthood*
Fee: $5,000


Speech and Language Skills: Please note that our Psychodevelopmental and Psychoeducational Evaluations include a brief assessment of that language skills; however, if a student is in need of speech and language services and would like to access these services in the public school system through an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or through your insurance company , a speech and language evaluation must be comprehensive and completed by a licensed speech and language pathologist. PPA’s speech/language pathologist can provide this supplemental assessment for an additional fee of $525. Results will be provided in a separate report to be shared with the school and any other parties of your choosing.


Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE):  A CDE is a thorough review and assessment of the child’s development and behavior using national, evidence-based practice standards, Our MDDC, Psychodevelopmental, and Psychoeducational Evaluations, generally fulfill the needs required under a Comprehensive Developmental Evaluation (CDE).


V. Neuropsychological Evaluations

Age range: 5 years to adulthood
Fee: Generally $5,000** but may vary in cost depending on the case’s complexity and extensiveness of medical history and related record review.


VI. Autism Diagnostic Evaluation for Adults

Age range: >21 years (in some cases, younger individuals may be considered)
Fee: Generally $2,500, but may vary in cost depending on the case’s complexity. Additional cost will be determined based on the extensiveness of evaluation procedures (beyond our basic ASD diagnostic battery) required to answer complicated referral questions (such as differential diagnoses and treatment of psychiatric and personality disorders).


Additional Information Regarding Evaluations*


  • Evaluations include one parent/caregiver intake (1 hour) and one feedback session (1 hour). If additional intake or feedback sessions are requested (for example, parents want separate or longer meetings), additional fees will occur at the standard therapy session rate.
  • Evaluations that are conducted off-site at a location within a 5-mile radius of our office will incur an additional flat charge of $500. For testing outside the 5-mile range, please discuss directly with the office.
  • Evaluations conducted by a Post-Doctoral Resident (supervised by a Licensed Psychologist), will be $1000 less the total fee.
  • Evaluations conducted by PPA’s practice owners, Dr. Judith Migoya and Dr. Samantha Carella, will incur an additional fee of $1000. This does not include Gifted, WEEI-ASD, or MDDC evaluations.
  • Cases involving extensive medical record review may incur an additional charge.
  • Evaluations that have forensic/legal involvement will incur an additional fee of $1000.


At times, it is unclear if an evaluation is needed. In these instances, an Initial Interview and Consultation can be scheduled at our standard intake rate to discuss information regarding presenting concerns and relevant history necessary to determine whether an evaluation is needed. If following the consultation testing is commenced, the consultation fee would be applied to the total evaluation fee, since the Initial Interview and Consultation appointment is part of the evaluation process.


Below is a breakdown and steps of what our evaluation procedure entails (this does not include procedures for our Multi-Disciplinary Developmental Evaluations, Web-based Evaluation for the Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders (WEEI-ASD) or our Gifted/Intelligence Evaluations, which have different procedural structure described separately in our Services page).


Description Approximate Time
Step 1. Initial Interview and Consultation

This first meeting is a very important step in the evaluation process. The evaluator will meet with the patient (if adult) or with a child’s parent/caregiver(s) to obtain pertinent history and information regarding present concerns and functioning. This will provide a better understanding of the nature of the evaluation and assist the evaluator in deciding which tests should be administered.

1 hour
Step 2. Testing Sessions – 1 to 4 meetings

During the testing sessions, many areas will be measured depending on the referral reason, information gathered in the initial interview and patient’s age – Below are the different areas that may be measured and the time frame needed for proper assessment of each.

4 to 8 hours
Time Frame Needed:
Intellectual Functioning 1 – 2 hours
Academic Achievement and Learning 2 – 3 hours
Information Processing Tests – Phonological awareness, language, auditory processing, visual processing, and sensorimotor/visuomotor skills. 1 hour
Attention and Executive Functions (abstract reasoning, organization, planning working memory, etc.) 1 – 2 hours
Psychological and Emotional Testing-screener 1 hour
Questionnaires and Behavior Rating Scales 1 hour
Tests of Adaptive Behavior .5 hour
Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (if appropriate) 1 – 2 hours
School Observation and Consultation (if appropriate) * 1 hour
Extensive/more in-depth emotional testing * 1 – 2 hours
Neuropsychological testing * 2 – 4 hours
(*Additional Testing Services for an additional charge of $300.00 per 45 minutes)
Step 3. Scoring, Interpretation, and Written Report

The questionnaires and tests are scored, analyzed and interpreted. Medical, psychological and school records are also reviewed. Findings from the testing, observations, and information gathered are all considered when the overall interpretations and conclusions are made. A written detailed report is completed.

10 hours
Step 4. Feedback session with Patient (if adult) or child’s Parent/Caregiver(s)

An appointment will be made to review the results of the evaluation. During this meeting, evaluation findings are discussed in detail, and individualized intervention/treatment recommendations are provided to serve as a guide to succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. The evaluation’s written report is provided following this appointment.

1 hour



Following the Feedback session, some families request that the evaluating Psychologist schedule additional meetings to help explain the evaluation results and recommendations to other professionals/educators involved in the patient’s care. The evaluating Psychologist may also be requested to assist the patient’s team in developing intervention/educational plans and accessing services that the patient may need. These are considered additional services billed accordingly.