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Behavioral Medicine Clinic

Dealing with a medical issue on a daily basis can cause many disruptions to one’s daily life, activities, relationships, and mood. Learning skills to manage emotional responses to medical symptoms, unpleasant procedures and/or related limitations in functioning often leads to improvements in emotional and physical health, as well as quality of life.

The Behavioral Medicine Clinic at Pediatric Psychology Associates (PPA) provides psychological services addressing the management of chronic medical conditions and treatment of related psychological factors. These specialty services are provided through both our Child/Adolescent and Adult Services Divisions.

PPA’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic focuses on the following medical conditions:

  • Headache & Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes & Obesity
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Overall medical compliance

Research shows that Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) can positively affect health and well-being.  Examples of positive changes typically observed in individuals suffering from debilitating medical conditions who participate in CBT include:

  • decreased pain/perception of pain
  • enhanced immune response
  • increased functional capacity
  • improved sleep and mood
  • improved productivity at work and school
  • improved quality of life

PPA’s Behavioral Medicine team is composed of highly qualified, caring and ethical professionals with expertise in the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) of individuals with both medical and psychological conditions.

PPA does not accept health insurance, but our Behavioral Medicine services may be available at reduced rates for patients experiencing financial hardship.  Fees at PPA are as follows: Licensed Psychologist ($250-300 per session), Postdoctoral Resident/Licensed Master’s Level Clinician ($180 per session), Registered Mental Health Intern ($120), and Advanced Graduate Student ($60 per session).  Ashley Ratzlaff, LMHC is currently the lead therapist of the Behavioral Medicine Clinic.



PPA’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic provides services in all of our locations: Aventura, South Miami, and Weston. Please feel free to contact us at our office if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.