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We are pleased to offer families the option of Web-based Evaluation for the Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders (WEEI-ASD)! This service is provided by a Licensed Psychologist with specialized expertise in the assessment of developmental concerns in infants and toddlers. WEEI-ASD evaluations are provided in English and/or Spanish.


Who does the program serve? This program is designed for parents who are interested in a diagnostic assessment for their child (ages 0-3) who may have possible signs or “red flags” of developmental delays and/or of being on the autism spectrum.


What does the evaluation include? The evaluation covers all key areas of early development, including Language, Communication, Social, Play, Behavioral, and Adaptive Skills. It includes assessment of these key domains in order to determine whether a child meets criteria for developmental delays and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Identifying developmental delays or ASD as soon as possible can allow children to receive appropriate early intervention and educational services in order to make maximum progress.


What is the process of the evaluation? WEEI-ASD evaluations are conducted via live video conferencing. This allows us to observe the child in their natural environment, and the quality of interactions between child and caregiver(s). The evaluation is typically conducted in a single morning/afternoon but can be divided into 2 sessions if needed. The evaluation can be conducted in English or Spanish.


Caregivers will complete a detailed intake history form that provides the Psychologist with important developmental information about the child. In addition, caregivers (and teacher, if the child attends daycare/preschool) completes behavioral rating scales, including measures of Social, Adaptive, Behavioral, and Communication Functioning. The Psychologist then scores and interprets these results, along with the information provided on the intake history form and observations of the child.


The evaluation begins with an hour web-based consultation, consisting of a thorough caregiver interview detailing developmental history and current functioning of the child.


The Psychologist conducts the live web-based assessment with the child and caregiver, including:

  • Administration of the Tele-Autism Spectrum Disorder-Peds, a research-based telehealth assessment tool equivalent to the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition. The Psychologist will coach you through specific activities with your child with toys and materials from home.
  • Administration of a formal language assessment (Preschool Language Scales, 5th Edition)
  • Qualitative observation of child-caregiver interaction and play
  • Administration of the Childhood Autism Rating Scales, 2nd Edition (CARS-2)

Verbal feedback regarding the assessment results, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations is provided immediately following the assessment.

The evaluating psychologist is available for follow-up with the family to answer any questions, assist with starting intervention/therapy services (such as the EMPOWER intervention program or speech/language therapy), and provide referrals if needed.


A comprehensive written report is provided within one week of the evaluation.

This report can be used to seek insurance approval to cover relevant therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Depending on what is needed, this may include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech/language therapy, social/play-based therapies, occupational therapy, and/or physical therapy. This report can also help to qualify for special education services, if needed.

What are the fees for WEEI-ASD evaluations? The flat fee for this comprehensive evaluation is $1,850.


If you are unsure as to whether a WEEI-ASD or  Multi-Disciplinary Developmental Clinic evaluation is right for your child, please contact us so that we can offer guidance.