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Sorry we missed you this summer. Considering social skills development for your child/teen?

Visit us again in March 2021 for updated cost and dates for 2021 Camps.

In the meantime, check out our Social Skills Groups available during the school year. 



Our Summer Intensive Programs and Camps are all are provided in a small group ratio by an experienced and caring team. Throughout the fun-filled day, our participants/campers will work on: conversation skills, play skills, following directions, self-regulation, problem-solving, flexibility, and all of the skills necessary for success in a child’s daily functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions about PPA’s Summer Services:

Is the registration fee applied to each week the child attends camp?  There is a one-time registration fee for the Surf & Watersports Adventure Camp that applies for each child, each year. This fee applies to previous campers, patients of our practice, and new-comers. For example, if your child attends 2 weeks of our Surf & Watersports Adventure Camp, they would only pay one registration fee.

Is there a discount for siblings?  There is a 10% discount for siblings that sign-up to attend the same week of camp.

Is there a payment plan?  Camp fees are collected for each participant 14 days prior to the camp starting date, as indicated in our registration packet. Families are free to contact us to pay in portions prior to the deadline.

If my child is missing (a) day(s) from camp, can we be prorated?  We are unable to prorate the fee for camp for participants due to the cost of materials and staff acquired. It would be best to participate in camp from beginning to end or contact our office to know when it might be best to miss.

Is there an option of aftercare?  Our camps end around midday or early afternoon, due to activities/events taking place at the camp locations after the time, we are unable to provide care for participants after the camp end time. Please arrange to pick up your child(ren) promptly at the end time.

Who will be supervising/instructing the campers?  The Intensive Social Skills Camps, Middle School Relationships, and High School Life Skills will be instructed by PPA therapists, accompanied by a few of our graduate level interns and students. Our Surf & Watersports Adventure Camp is supervised by seasoned PPA therapists, a Certified Paramedic, CPR and Lifeguard Instructor, graduate level interns and students, as well as vetted volunteers. There are also lifeguards at the Surfside Community Center (by the pool and beach), and a number of our volunteers and staff are trained to assist children during water activities.

Are there scholarships available?  For our Surf & Watersports Adventure Camp, we have a limited number of full and 50% scholarship opportunities offered on a first come, first serve basis, based on financial need and appropriateness for the camp. For the Intensive Social Skills Camp, at this time we do not have scholarships available.  In order to obtain a scholarship, we would need one of the following: a) income tax return documenting family income of under $50,000, or b) documentation of government assistance based on financial need (such as Medicaid). Please submit your registration form and documents of proof to be considered.