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Collaborations between psychologists and speech language pathologists is essential in providing a holistic and comprehensive treatment approach in order to support children’s academic, social, emotional, and communication development.

Evaluations for Speech Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology services at PPA include comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, consultations, parent counseling, and treatment for children with speech, language, social communication and/or feeding/ swallowing disorders.

We provide comprehensive evaluations which formally assess all areas of communication including speech articulation, language, pragmatic, and feeding skills. We also provide assessment on a specific area of communication depending on concerns and patient’s needs.  Evaluations range from 1 to 3 hours long.

Following an evaluation and determination of the problem, our speech-language pathologist develops an individualized plan of care. This may include a recommendation of individual therapy or group therapy.

We consider family members to be an integral part of the treatment team. Therefore, family members are encouraged to observe sessions in order to learn how to work with your child at home. Additional instructions for practice between sessions are given after each session.

Treatment Options

Based on the evaluation results, an individualized treatment plan is developed to target the specific difficulties that the child is experiencing. Therapy is usually provided individually. In some cases, however, group therapy is most beneficial for the child. The model of therapy (individual or group) and the frequency of therapy are always determined by considering the specific needs of the child and the family.

To teach parents how to work with their child at home, we encourage them to observe treatment sessions and give them specific instructions on working with their child between sessions. The more the child practices between sessions, the faster progress will be with therapy. Regular therapy attendance is also important so that there is no disruption in the progress.

The length of therapy and ultimate success depends partly on the cause and severity of the problem. Our therapy sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long.