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The EMPOWER program at Pediatric Psychology Associates, led by a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in early childhood development, is a live web-based program addressing the developmental needs of young children (developmental ages 0-5) during this critical period of growth. The EMPOWER program provides a live online developmental screening and parent guided intervention protocol. Our initial screening process identifies a child’s challenges and strengths in order to establish baseline levels of functioning and develop an intervention roadmap. Tailored interventions are delivered through one-to-one live parent-coaching sessions, and supplemental materials (instructional webinars developed by our team) are also provided for parents to review at their convenience. Our unique program also promotes carryover of skills by empowering parents with strategies that can be used throughout daily activities in helping their children grow to their potential.


EMPOWER begins with a developmental screening that consists of three sessions

1st Session – Consultation with parents: The purpose of this session is to gather pertinent background information and prepare parents for the developmental screening (second session).

2nd Session – Direct assessment of child's developmental skills: Parents are directed to interact with their young child in specific ways to elicit certain key developmental responses/behaviors, which are evaluated in terms of frequency and quality to determine child’s developmental levels.

3rd Session – Feedback session: Results of the developmental screening and any recommendations for interventions are discussed and outlined in a written report.


The EMPOWER intervention plan is based on results of the developmental screening and consists of a roadmap to address identified developmental delays in

  • Communication
  • Social/Play Skills
  • Adaptive Skills (sleep, eating/feeding, toilet-training, etc.)
  • Behavioral challenges (tantrums, biting, transitions, etc.)

Intervention packages are offered in six-session increments/series. Each session involves pre-recorded instruction via webinars, followed by live coaching to help parents implement strategies. After each six-session series is completed, progress is re-assessed and further recommendations provided.

Program Structure & Fees

EMPOWER services are structured as follows:


  • Live web-based screening and intervention sessions are 45 minutes each.
  • The three-session screening package and written report has a flat fee of $600.
  • Each six-session intervention series has a cost of $1,200, to be paid at the start of the series.

After completion of each intervention series, a courtesy 30-minute consult will be provided to review progress and further recommendations.

If you have concerns regarding your young child’s development and/or believe your child may benefit from early stimulation/intervention in any key developmental areas (communication, socialization, play, self-help/adaptive skills, emotional/behavioral regulation), please contact us to learn more about our EMPOWER Program.


Please note that the EMPOWER screening process does not constitute a diagnostic assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders. If you are interested in a diagnostic evaluation of your young child, please inquire about our Multi-Disciplinary Developmental Clinic and/or WEEI-ASD Evaluations.