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The EMPOWER program at Pediatric Psychology Associates, led by a multidisciplinary team of Licensed Psychologists and Speech Language Pathologist specializing in early childhood development, is a live telehealth (online) parent coaching program to address the developmental needs of children under age 5. There is strong research evidence that this program can improve areas of development such as communication, socialization, play, adaptive skills, and emotional/behavioral regulation.

Our professional coach works with parents and other caregivers to set specific goals tailored to the child’s level of functioning in each area. Each week, parents are provided with a video made by a PPA coach and a handout from the parent manual that introduces new intervention strategies. Then, during weekly individual coaching sessions, the coach guides the parent(s)/caregiver(s) to practice the strategies in the moment with the child in their home environment.

Our unique program promotes child development by EMPOWERing parents with strategies that can be used throughout routine daily activities. This early intervention program is can be used either as a standalone intervention or in conjunction with other services (e.g., ABA or speech and language therapy) to help children meet their potential!

*This program is available in English and/or Spanish. Ofrecemos este programa en ingles y/o en español.*

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation session, the coach meets with the parents/caregivers to review the child’s developmental history, current levels of functioning, and any concerns regarding the child’s development. The coach may also review any previous evaluations that have been completed. The coach works together with the family to create a treatment plan with individualized goals based on the child’s strengths and needs. This plan becomes the customized roadmap for coaching sessions.


The EMPOWER intervention plan will include customized goals and strategies to improve:

  • Communication
  • Social/Play Skills
  • Adaptive Skills (sleep, eating/feeding, toilet-training, etc.)
  • Behavioral challenges (tantrums, biting, transitions, etc.)

Intervention packages are offered in six-session increments/series. Prior to each coaching session, parents will receive a video and handout from their coach to prepare for the session. During each weekly live session, parents receive live coaching with their child to implement the strategies. After each six-session series is completed, the child’s progress is re-assessed and further recommendations are provided. Parents are welcome to participate in one series or more if they wish to receive additional coaching support.

Program Structure & Fees

All sessions are conducted online via telehealth.

  • Initial consultation session: 60 minutes for $300
  • Coaching sessions: once weekly for 45 minutes
  • Each 6-session coaching series has a cost of $1,200, to be paid at the start of the series.

After completion of each coaching series, a courtesy 30-minute consult will be provided to review progress and make any further recommendations.

If you have concerns regarding your young child’s development and/or believe your child may benefit from early stimulation/intervention in any key developmental areas (communication, socialization, play, self-help/adaptive skills, emotional/behavioral regulation), please contact us to learn more about our EMPOWER Program.

Please note that the EMPOWER screening process does not constitute a diagnostic assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders. If you are interested in a diagnostic evaluation of your young child, please inquire about our Multi-Disciplinary Developmental Clinic and/or WEEI-ASD Evaluations.