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Dr. Lauren Carbonell

Dr. Lauren Carbonell is a Florida licensed psychologist specializing in the psychological treatment of children, teens, young adults and their families. Her compassionate approach utilizes a decade of clinical experience to help patients and families understand their unique strengths and abilities, in light of their environment, to gain clarity on areas of concern. Dr. Carbonell understands the power of rapport and attunement as the absolute foundation of treatment. She carefully weaves evidence-based treatment approaches and skills training into the natural therapeutic process. These approaches include a patient/child centered focus using cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, positive behavioral strategies, collaborative problem-solving, social thinking, mindfulness and self-compassion interventions. Dr. Carbonell encourages a united approach, involving parents and working alongside other providers involved in the patient’s care. Her specialty encompasses treating mental health concerns such as emotional regulation challenges (or our deep feeling kids), anxiety (separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic and perfectionism) and OCD-related challenges, attention-deficit/hyperactive disorders, behavioral and social challenges, mood, and life adjustments. In addition to therapy, Dr. Carbonell has specialized clinical experience conducting neurodevelopmental and psychoeducational evaluations (including developmental delays, suspicion of autism spectrum, attention deficit, and/or learning disorders). Dr. Carbonell is an advocate for early identification and early intervention planning for young children.

In addition to her services with children and families, Dr. Carbonell has developed a passion for working with mothers during the pregnancy and postpartum period after birth. As a mother of two children herself, she understands first-hand the challenges of motherhood. Along with her wealth of knowledge from working with parents and children, she has advanced training from Postpartum Support International (PSI) combined with her own experience as a mother to provide virtual and in-person maternal mental health services to moms through the stage of their motherhood journey.

Dr. Carbonell completed her dual masters and doctoral degree at Nova Southeastern University. During her graduate training, she provided individual and group therapy and evaluation services in a variety of settings, including the Mailman Center for Child Development, Henderson Behavioral Health and with our very own Pediatric Psychology Associates. She completed her APA Accredited doctoral internship training at The May Institute (specialized clinical school and rehabilitative center for individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injuries) and The National Autism Center (research and evaluation clinic of developmental disorders). Her post-doctorate residency was completed at Pediatric Psychology Associates where she continues to provide compassionate care. Dr. Carbonell previously directed and facilitated PPA’s Social Understanding and Relationship Fundamentals Groups (SURF) for four years. Dr. Carbonell served as the membership and continuing education chair for the Florida Psychological Association. She is a member of Postpartum Support International (PSI). She provides supervision to doctoral and master-level students. Dr. Carbonell currently provides therapy and consultative services out of the South Miami location both in-office and virtually.