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Dr. Alexis Bitting

Dr. Alexis Bitting, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology. She has specialized experience working with children, teens, and adults with social and developmental delays, including autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s, ADHD, non-verbal learning, and other challenges. Dr. Bitting utilizes a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach when working with clients and their families. She also provides school observations, consultation, and individual and group therapy focused on emotional, social, and behavioral issues.  She has specialized experience working with anxiety including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, specific phobias, OCD, and Trichotillomania. She also treats individuals with depression, anger management, personality disorders, emotion regulation challenges, social skills deficits, etc. Her doctorate in Clinical Sexology provides her with specialized training in working with LGBTQ clients as well as providing sexual education to children, teens, and adults, particularly those with social and developmental delays.

In April 2017, Dr. Bitting was the keynote speaker at Baptist Health South Florida’s 15th Annual Autism Spectrum Disorders Conference on the Importance of Social Skills Training for Individuals with ASD and Mental Health and Sexuality across the Autism Spectrum. Dr. Bitting is a member of the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association, the International OCD Foundation, and is a certified provider of the PEERS social skills program. She is based out of the South Miami office and facilitates our Social Understanding Group Program and PEERS groups as well as provides individual and family therapy.