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We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach. Our clinicians use effective and documented treatment approaches to help our patients. Family involvement in the treatment of our child and adolescent patients is a critical piece to ensure success of children with academic, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. Additionally, we find it important to work with pertinent medical professionals (i.e., pediatrician, psychiatrist, occupational, speech, physical, child therapist, etc.) and academic professionals (i.e. teachers, tutors, and principals). We also have experience in working with many of the local public and private schools. Of course, confidentiality is always upheld and we only communicate with other providers and schools upon your written request.

Pediatric Psychology Associates provides a variety of psychological services, which include:

How can a Child and Family Therapist help?

Our psychotherapists specialize in various modalities of psychotherapy, which are chosen based on the patient’s presenting concerns and evidence for the effectiveness of each modality. These modalities include (list is inclusive but not exhaustive):