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We are excited to offer a web-based High School Group for Girls that are In Bloom (ages 14-18). The group will be facilitated Carina Massa, PsyD and hosted on a HIPAA-compliant software for 8 group sessions.

The group’s purpose is to provide a structured, supportive, and safe environment where adolescent girls can discuss relevant topics and develop crucial life skills such as:


  • Fostering Self-Compassion & Resilience
  • Developing a Healthy Body Image
  • Navigating Social Media
  • Managing Relationships & Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Developing Assertive Communication
  • Dealing with Stressors & Pressures, and
  • Developing Effective Coping/Stress Management Skills

Among other topics as suggested by group members.

Space is limited to 7 girls per group.  Contact our office to begin the registration process if your adolescent daughter could benefit from developing in these areas.