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Dr. Laura Grashow-Rywell is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in the treatment and assessment of children, adolescents, and adults. She also provides family therapy and parent guidance. Dr. Grashow-Rywell works on issues such as depression, anxiety, anger management and social skills. Additionally she works with children and their families on emotional issues stemming from divorce, difficult relationships, and learning difficulties. Dr. Grashow-Rywell takes a comprehensive approach by working closely with parents, family members and school staff. Before entering private practice, she completed her internship in Newark, New Jersey at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, trained at Bellevue Hospital, NYU’s Pediatric Oncology Department and trained and worked in the Pediatric Department of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Grashow-Rywell’s background also includes teaching early childhood and elementary school, and the position of guidance counselor for grades K-8. Dr. Grashow-Rywell is a member of the American Psychological Association. She joined the practice in November 2004 and works in the Aventura office. Dr. Grashow-Rywell’s approach to treatment is understanding that therapy is a process of learning, digesting and practicing. It is the process of discussing the same issues with increased recognition and understanding until you become deeply familiar with them. Long standing, deep seated issues do not “go away” in 5 sessions; however, by practicing new behaviors with increased automaticity and ease, little by little you tend to grow. Moving “half an inch” can bring great relief.