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Collaborative Divorce: Breaking the Cycle of Conflict
“The Collaborative Process is about cooperation, not confrontation”

What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative Divorce is a process where divorcing spouses, assisted by Collaborative Professionals, work toward a mutually fair and equitable end to their marriage without the acrimony, anxiety, family conflicts, and financial cost that often accompanies litigation.

Drs. Samantha Carella, Laura Grashow-Rywell and Nicholas Maccarrone are Collaborative Trained Psychologists. Their interests are to help families go through this difficult process in the most respectful and peaceful way.

More about Collaborative Divorce…

  • The stress, conflict and uncertainty that are present in divorcing families can be major risk factors for compromised child development. Collaborative Divorce is for parents who want to protect their children from the emotional damage of divorce. Research tells us that children often suffer the most serious casualties of their parents’ divorce.
  • Collaborative Divorce offers parents an opportunity to create their own post-divorce parenting relationship by taking charge of their divorce process from the very outset, with the help of a Collaborative Team.
  • Collaborative Professionals (attorneys, mental health and financial professionals) are absolutely committed to helping you achieve the best outcome for you, and for your children, without the financial burden of extensive litigation.
  • Through the Collaborative Process, the parties agree to make the outcome of their divorce one that is beneficial to BOTH spouses and their children by making an emotional and financial commitment to resolve their case privately, outside of the court system.
  • If you believe your marriage has broken down, you may want to consider whether or not to start divorce proceedings. Talk to us; we’re here to help. The Collaborative Process is about cooperation, not confrontation.